The Division -Saga of one's life

I'm divided. You're divided. The day we came to life, we were divided.Divided into some specified sections.Sharing my views on the life of humans as a divided community

I don't belong to one place

My body is standing right here

My soul is in an imaginative trip to Paris

My mind is running with several uneasy thoughts

My heart is falling for the hottest celebrity on the planet.....

And yet you divided me on the basis of religion,sex and caste

Biologically, I'm a human

Stop right there....

I don't need further classifications

If you want to specify me

Just call me a free-soul...


Science taught me I'm a Homo sapiens sapiens

There was n'er another taxonomic level after that

And you created your own imaginative levels

I'll be there when someone needs me

Irrespective of the fact that you separated me from my own kind

And the basis was a destructive imagination...

Represent me as a human

With a potential to do good to others

Not as a kind who is waiting and watching other's burning life....



You didn't stop there

You divided every single part of my soul

You divided me as a black

You divided me as a white

You divided the lifestyles

You divided the rights

You divided the education

You divided the nation

You divided the opportunities

Now, divide me to the infinities....


All I wanted to be a helping hand for others

And you my dear kind, divided our own kind into sections...

And me as a mere part

Unable to reach out my own 


                                          - Sushmita Rani




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