Is your Marketing Strategy Deadlocked?

We all have that friend whose stories never seem to end, that person that..

We all have that friend whose stories never seem to end, that person that we want to hang out with once in a while, but who we always regret afterward. Remember the feeling of being stuck in an endless loop of their monologues? By the end of the coffee break, you heard about the greatest thing that ever happened to them, and the second greatest thing, and the third and the twenty-sixth.

In all fairness, for the most part, you're bombarded with information that you might not even be interested in. At some point (probably walking away during one of their monologues), you've probably realized that you should make new friends with people who actually listen to your stories, appreciate your opinions, and share your interests and ideas, instead. of those who only use you for your pair of ears.

You see, marketing and friendship have a lot in common. Both are a two-way street. If you're only exposed to the content without having a chance to say anything, what's the point of participating in the dialogue? Are you treated with respect? And do you have to make new friends / choose a new marketing strategy ?

Inbound marketing or outbound marketing: new approach versus old approach

Outbound Marketing

Are you using an ad blocker for your browsers? Are you recording your favorite shows just so you can quickly jump through the announcements? Are your local telemarketers registered in your contact list under “DO NOT RESPOND”? If so, you are subconsciously blocking outbound marketing tactics

Instead of those boring definitions, let us show you some examples and types of outbound marketing. TV ads, billboards (those huge smiley faces and crispy messages you used to read when stuck in traffic, before smartphones), telemarketing, direct mail, and online ads are perfect prototypes of traditional marketing.

Companies that use sending strategies “push” their message to promote a product. It might sound smart, but you have to keep in mind that buyers in the outbound marketing process aren't targeted with real precision. Most people who see the ad may not even be interested in their product, whatever it is.

The traditional marketing campaigns tend to be broken and be extremely boring for contemporary society. Did you know that a person is exposed to no less than 2000 advertisements per day through outbound marketing? Today's customers are finding new ways to avoid the traditional marketing that infiltrates their lives through the media and wastes their time and energy. Just look at the adoption rates of ad blocking software:

Outbound marketing is often discredited because of its broadly similar marketing patterns that create a wedge between the company and the buyer. Using outbound marketing tactics is like driving down a dead end street. One-way communication lacks subjective feedback from customers. It distances an audience from the company and the brand itself.

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