6 Surprising natural remedies to reduce tooth pain

"Food is Medicine" is a popular saying. Fruits, Vegetables and each supplement added in food have medicinal properties to benefit our health. I have mentioned a bit here with the ingredients to reduce toothache.

Pain in and around a tooth is an aggravating thing. Although it is a common problem, it can prevent a person from functioning normal. You might also encounter such annoyance. Am I right?

Many people who visit my clinic have said that they cannot eat properly, sleep well and struggle to do their daily tasks because of their aching tooth. Cavities, infection in gums, physical injuries, broken fillings in a tooth are the primary causes of an aching tooth.

The treatments vary with each pain-causing factor but you can alleviate the pain in your home with some commodities in your Kitchen. Similar to applying ice packs and mouth rinsing with salt water to get relief from the aching tooth, I have listed some remedies here. I hope it helps.

1) Garlic

Garlic is enriched with compounds having medicinal properties. An acidic substance called allin. When you crush or ground a garlic clove, it produces an enzyme called allinase. The allinase and allin are combined to produce an antibacterial agent called Allicin.

Allicin can numb the throbbing nerves for a while and reduce toothache.

Applying the paste prepared by crushing garlic or chewing garlic with the aching tooth produces Allicin and alleviate your toothache.

2) Ginger-Chilli Paste

Ginger is a powerful source of antibacterial agents that can fix various health problems ranging from toothache to stomach ulcers. Chilli powder is recommended as it provides a warming sensation to relax the nerves inside a problematic tooth.

Mix grounded ginger and chili powder in a 1:1 ratio. Add the required amount of water to prepare a paste. Dip a pea-sized cotton ball in the mixture. Place it over the aching tooth and bite it to hold until the pain lessens. This remedy offers instant relief for pain in the teeth.

3) Peppermint Tea

Peppermint leaves have numbing properties to reduce tooth pain. Add some dried peppermint leaves in a cup of water and boil it around 2o minutes. Don't add sugar or other sweeteners.

When the tea is prepared, cool the tea until it reaches moderate temperature. Swish your mouth with that lukewarm peppermint tea for a few minutes and spit it out. This will soothe the aching tooth.

Drinking Green tea is also recommended to reduce toothache and gum infections.

4) Aloe Vera

The aloe vera gel is useful to soothe burn wounds, minor cuts because of its cooling properties and natural antibacterial agents. Such organic compounds present in this potted plant have made it as a remedy for toothache, gum diseases also.

Extract the white gel present in Aloe Vera and massage the affected tooth with it. It calms down the infected nerves to provide instant relief.

5) Cloves

Many people know clove only as a tasty ingredient to prepare Biriyani but it contains a natural anesthetic agent called Eugenol.

Chew some cloves with the problematic tooth. It extracts the Eugenol and emanates heat to relax the nerves. You can apply clove oil over the aching tooth. Clove oil is also a powerful remedy for various dental problems. The oral benefits of this oil are listed here.

6) Cucumber

Similar to Aloe Vera, Cucumber also possesses cooling properties. Cut a cucumber into slices. Take a slice and place it directly on the infected tooth. It fades pain in the tooth for some time.

Bottom line

"Food is Medicine" is a popular saying. Fruits, Vegetables and each supplement added in food have medicinal properties to benefit our health. I have mentioned a bit here.

These remedies are effective to lessen pain in the teeth only. If you want a cure, then visit your Dentist.

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