Growing food for consumption is perhaps one of the first things that the civilized society learnt to do. The world since then has witnessed several changes

With the latest advancements in technology, humans are now no more completely dependent upon natural factors for growing their food. We have now discovered new and efficient ways of farming to grow crops. Hydroponic system and polyhouse cultivation are two of the most efficient ways to achieve this feat.

Hydroponic farmingis the growing of cropsin a mineral-rich solutioninstead of soil. The solution needed to grow plants in this manner is available in the market, and can also be prepared by the farmer with respect to the requirements of the plants needed to be grown. Nitrogen, potassium and magnesium are some of the most commonly used minerals for this kind of farming.

Polyhouse cultivation involves growing of plants by controlling the natural factors needed to grow crops such as temperature, light and humidity. Polyhouses are of two types- Naturally Ventilated (with minor environmental control system) or Environmental Controlled (with effective environmental control system).

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