Players typically skip leveling it

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1 Defence accounts are most likely the most common of RuneScape gold all Pure characters. Since Defence ability isn't as vital in PvP as it is in PvE, players typically skip leveling it, leaving it on the very first level. By doing this, they will achieve a very low Combat Level while preserving high damage output. People who wish to challenge them usually won't anticipate quite high strikes in the low-level victim.

Most players who go this course use their Pures just for player killing purposes and not for regular gameplay since playing one Defence, and very low Prayer levels practically exclude their capacity to perform high-level PvM content.

Defence Pure. Do not get confused with this one - it's the exact reverse of a single Defence Pure. It's also an account that has a non Combat Stat, but in this case, the owner decides to maximize Defence Skill at the cost of other attributes. Defense pures were quite popular back in the afternoon since they utilized Dragonfire Shield's special attack along with venom damage stacks that come from Serpentine Helm to deal damage. Users were quite safe as they had elevated quality and Hitpoint levels. As this method is no longer workable, the Defence Pures are less hot as they were.

Maulers. Maulers, also referred to Buy RS gold as Obsidian Pure, do use Tzhaar-ket-om weapon to defeat their opponents. Since the only need to wield this product is 60 Strength, they generally utilize accounts with both Attack and Defence levels of 1.


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