The Diversity - Saga of one's life

This is something we all know yet we try to move forward with our own problems.
A major threat -poverty. A large part of our planet is facing this and trying to escape.

There is a huge difference between 'need' and 'want'

They needed the proper nutrition and good education for their children. But today all they need is to arrange the food for tonight's dinner.

Everyday they show the fatherly and motherly love. They reminded me that we don't need a day to celebrate father's day or mother's day.

Who doesn't want a well-established future for their kid. They want but they don't think they need it now. What they need now is to arrange the food for tonight's dinner.

Now I know what diversity is.

Throwing a pile of stuff that you don't want and picking up of that stuff by a rag-picker, is the diversity.

Building a record-breaking house just next to a slum, is the diversity. Yes I'm talking about that record-breaking house.

Someone quit the job to be what he wants while someone is stuck with the same because he knows he need that job.

Someone took a day off to hangout with the friends while someone can't do the same, why ?

Because what he needs now is to arrange the food for tonight's dinner.

                                          - Sushmita Rani

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